Apr 22, 2010

Recipe for Success

One of the things learned early on in baking is how important it is to follow the directions. There are ingredients that are vital to the way a recipe will look and taste when it is completed. A recipe comes with steps and it is important to follow those steps. Some mistakes can ruin what is being baked but other mistakes can create a new and better tasting treat. Mistakes seem to be a necessary part of growth no matter what we are doing.I have changed some of my recipes over the years but there are always certain things that cannot be changed for the desired results.If done properly there is something delicious and worth waiting for when all is done. In my business I have to follow a recipe for my baked goods but then there is also a recipe to follow if I am to make the business of selling a success. This is where I must place my focus in order to take things to another level.
Today I had the pleasure of speaking to a woman named Tera McHugh from the Association of Women Entrepreneurs http://www.associationofwe.com/ . I would like to publicly thank her.She opened my eyes to some new ideas and helped me understand the things I had already accomplished. We discussed at length what I might be able to do in order to make my business thrive. She asked me a question which I thought I had answered. The question was "What makes Rich Delights Different"? All the reasons I mentioned  did not seem as unique in words or on paper as they are in my mind. I still believe I have something special to offer but I must be able to articulate that in order to attract new customers. I have avoided talking a lot about myself because I thought it would detract from my business but she pointed out that we often buy from people we like or can relate to which means I need to figure out a way to share more of myself. Part of the reason I wanted a store front was so I could do that on a daily basis but until I am able to have one I need to seek out other ways....One of the things I am most looking forward to is putting the personal inspirations I write in every gift bag or package. I want to make my bags and boxes like opening a fortune cookie and finding a message inside. I have begun looking into doing that and believe it will make people look forward to reading and eating from Rich Delights ....The bottom line is that I will never build the business with or without a store front until I can sell the consumer on why my treats are especially worth their dollar and why it is a great idea to let me do the baking whether it is for gift bags, party favors or personal treats. My goal during the next few weeks will be to re-introduce myself and Rich Delights in a way that will make the idea of ordering one you don't want to ignore......Until then I will keep...baking4you!

Apr 6, 2010

The Sweetness of Local Support

In these economic times which are trying for many it is less likely that a small new business,and even some not so new, can afford to do the advertising they would like to. Be it a vendor at a street faire or a networking event the fees are often larger than the profits depending on what the vendor has to sell.
It is also less likely that they will be able to lease space in a prime spot where there is the type of foot traffic that can help a business thrive. The question then becomes~What can someone do to help grow a business they believe has promise?
As I have mentioned in the past not having a store front means there is nowhere people can stumble upon Rich Delights and discover what we offer. However, I recently joined a few new facebook groups that I feel are going to be great for me and others in the area and I also added my business and my husband's business. A general listing is free and for some there is also an opportunity to pay for more detailed advertising. One group is the fan page and web site for Magnolia Valet (http://www.magnoliavalet.com) which offers a place those in the Inland Empire can find other local people for hire. Temecula has the Temecula Valley Directory fan page and web site (http://www.temeculavalleydirectory.com). My husband and I both have a business that travels to Temecula so it was another good place to join. Stay Loyal to Riverside and Your Community  (http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=105291756176389) is a facebook group that also started as a way to help local business find other locals for support and to support. A fourth place I am pleased to be a part of is (http://www.perfectweddingpackages.com) where Dave Parsons compiled and continues to add names of places that may help to make wedding planning easier by offering a group of trusted people to choose from.We have gotten so used to looking outside of our communities for what we need and it is great to have these groups that place the focus on helping us find each other. Right now Rich Delights counts on online orders but it would be such a blessing to have the largest percentage of sales come from local business. Sometimes doing business with a small business or a local business is not the easiest on our wallets but it makes me feel good to think I am helping to support those around me. While you are thinking about what you can do to help local business grow keep in mind that we are still here and ready to be......baking4you.