Aug 3, 2010

Dog Gone Sweet

It's been quite some time since I updated this blog. Most of my time away has been due to changes in family member's lives and schedules. However I have also been "distracted" in a good way and am very proud and happy to be involved in giving more time to animal adoptions and rescue efforts. My daughter is a huge animal advocate which makes me more eager to help. It is also great to watch a teen care so much about issues outside of themselves. Rich Delights is still working on adding inspirational items which can be sold as gifts to accompany our treats.

 One of my main goals is to donate a portion of each order to a charity. It seems as if the answer has presented itself. This past week end we met up in Los Angeles with a wonderful child actor named Lou Wegner. He and some friends have a group called KIDS AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY and they were getting together to help with adoptions with the ANIMAL ADVOCATE ALLIANCE for the Baldwin Park shelter. Because I bake I decided to bring treats for the volunteers. While watching how much the treats were enjoyed it occured to me that Rich Delights should support the true heroes who save animals on the door step of being euthanized.That very day there was a dog that was physically removed from a table where it was to meet it's death. Instead it got another chance to live. So my new goal is to have my buisness be a part of this blessing by giving both time and dollars in support. This is just one more reason for me to want my business to grow and thrive. Thank you to all the people who open our eyes and dare us to turn away from these animals who have no hope without us. A special shout out to Diana Wegner who guided us through our first adoption in Los Angeles. I want to acknowledge Wendon Swift who opened my eyes from the first day I started reading her posts, Stephanie Levy who fuels the Animal Advocate Alliance with her dedication, someone I have not met but who I read great thing about all the time and that is Milan Radovic of TOP DOG RESORT and to all the rest of the places filled with volunteers who give so much of themselves so an animal can find the life it deserves.....My life is starting a new chapter with animals but I will still be...baking4you!