Jun 25, 2010

Sweet and Sentimental

During the past month I have been looking at ways to make my business a little sweeter. In the beginning it had to do with new recipes. That is still in process but something else came to mind.When one thinks of something sweet it normally has to do with sugar. We all know that sugar is not a healthy part of our diets or our lifestyles but we do like to use it as a way to reward ourselves. The "congratulations" often come in the form of a treat that satisfies a craving. I understand the importance of healthy living and I also understand there is no health value in sugary treats. However, as a society we enjoy them and in moderation I believe they are an acceptable part of our lives. That being said, part of the reason I started including  inspirational messages with each order was to add a little balance. My order menu is not any healthier but I feel good sending a package which might engage someone's mind while they are enjoying something a little decadent. People seem to enjoy receiving the inspirational post cards and that got me to wondering about expanding. I always imagined having a store front to sell Rich Delights baked goods but what if I made it more than that? What if  my business took the word "sweet" and expanded it further to incorporate my wiritng and my value system? I participated in a local rally for the 'Day of Silence' and I wrote a slogan. It was well received and I had an idea  to make it stand out so it could be put on shirts,hats, bumper stickers and other items that could carry a message. I have a facebook friend named Jill Kemerer-Roberts. She is a local artist and I have seen some of the beautiful things she creates and decided to ask if I could hire her to help me with the creative aspect of what I wanted to convey. I sent her my vision and she sent me some ideas. The final decision has not been made but once it has I will have my first graphic to procede with this "sweet adventure". When I mentioned to someone that I felt I was drifting away from my business with these new ideas I was told it was simply expanding my business. I will have a business that truly represents me. Once again I am excited about not placing limitations on what I can do and I am congratulating myself by moving forward.....As I find new ways to make Rich Delights a little sweeter just remember that I will still be baking4you!