Jan 24, 2011

Sweet Show of Support

As Valentine's Day approaches Rich Delights is preparing some very special sweet treats that are not normally on the order menu. They must be custom ordered but we are happy to offer Smores on a Stick and Candy Hearts which are available in decorative containers and packaging. It is a way to add something extra to our already scrumptious cookies and breads. We look forward to a busy holiday.
In the midst of time limited menu ideas and shopping for holiday themed items there has been plenty going on in the name of animals. On a personal note my family has grown with the addition of a fourth and final furry member. If we are going to go out and advocate for adopting then we need to continue to walk the walk in our personal lives. All of our dogs are rescues and they are all spayed and neutered. We will not be doing any fostering now but we will continue travelling around and working with different rescue groups at their adoption events. It is usually myself, my daughter and as many teens as we can fit into our vehicle and they come to represent KIDS AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY a group founded by child actor Lou Wegner.
A couple of weeks ago we went out with the amazing Royce Bordes as she represented Angels N Paws with another group called Fur Babies. We have volunteered with her since in front of PETCO in Mira Loma where she and her pit rescues from Angels n Paws as well as Diamonds in the Ruff will be every Saturday and Sunday from 11-3. In any case, the event was called Pizza and Pits and there was a television crew filming for the show Pit Boss. We worked with our own group of pit bulls and also met many wonderful rescues.One of my favorites is Angel City Pits which we have gotten to know through the talented and beautiful Stephanie Draven. Stephanie and her husband AJ Draven had two of their foster pit bulls with them. Both were rescued and had horrible cases of mange which they treated and now these dogs are healthy and happy and ready for forever homes. The day went well and we look forward to watching the event as part of the Pit Boss show when it airs.

The following day we drove back to Los Angeles to volunteer with Stephanie Levy the founder of Animal Advocates Alliance. I have mentioned them on many occasions because we are with them the most and love everyone who comes out to work with them. There is a wonderful core group of dedicated people who come out week after week to support them and the animals they bring in from the Baldwin Park Shelter. These are animals coming from a high kill shelter and they are driven to Pan Pacific Park where adults and teens do what they can to showcase these animals in hopes of them becoming someones life long friend. It is always so rewarding to see an animal walk away on a leash with its new guardian or family.
I suppose it seems like we are doing the same things we have been talking about for months and that's because we are. RICH DELIGHTS will continue to offer Traditional and Vegan treats in hopes of building a business that is about to celebrate its second birthday at the end of March. As far as the animal business goes I guess we will continue doing what we are doing until people begin to understand the severity of the overpopulation epidemic and do something about it. When breeders and pet stores stop their selfish selling and people spay and neuter their pets then maybe our work load will lessen. However, until there is a cease in animal abuse, the killing in shelters stops and all the shelter cages are empty we will continue the fight accompanied by an ongoing donation of a percentage of sales to KIDS AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY while still enjoying ....... baking4you.

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  1. I am continually amazed at all you do for the animals. Thank you from my heart for caring and for raising a daughter to be the next generation of incredible human beings. You and Shira Rock!!! Rich Delights...fabulous to the last delicious crumb! :)

    Diana M. Wegner