May 28, 2010

Sweet Search for Balance

Balance is a necessary component in everything we do. It determines everything we are and everything we will become. Being multi faceted we are the sum of our past experiences. If used wisely we take our mistakes and turn them into lessons. Life is one big learning experience and if we are wise we ensure that balance is the initial present goal when working to reach the more distant goals.
 Whenever I look at altering a recipe I have to consider that the final product must be a balance of many things. It begins with flavor because if what I sell doesn't taste good there will be no future business. However there are many things that have to be considered to offer something of quality.The appearance is also detrimental because if it doesn't look good people are less likely to try it. If it is something for an event people will not want to showcase it. We all know that appearance is not a reliable component to taste but we still rely on a visual when trusting it is a good idea to take a bite. We are a society caught up in appearances and food does not escape that scrutinty. The texture is another important factor. I know what I want the texture to be and if the end result does not produce it then I have to go back and re-think the ingredient proportions. Reliable service is a vital element as well. People must be able to trust that they will have what they need when they need it. Without the benefit of a store front my contact begins with a call or an email which is often received by strangers. If I do not give the impression of offering good service then the quality alone is not enough to get their initial business or to earn a repeat customer. A returning customer is someone who finds a balance in all they want from their purchase....Business is just a mirror of our lives.The key to being successful hinges on how well we find that balance. After completing my first year in business I am able to look back and see areas where I faltered and why I need to distribute my focus in other directions. My financial success is yet to be what I desire but as long as I strive for a balance in all areas of my life then I am sure to reach my goals. While I learn and search I will continue...baking4you!


  1. AnonymousMay 28, 2010

    yashar koach!

  2. Great thoughts Lori. I am sure your business will be quite successful! It is such a snowball effect with business, and the snowball grows expedentially each year!

  3. Thanks Terri...Not sure why I don't see you on my list of followers but I appreciate your comment and enjoy your blog as well.