May 4, 2010

Treat Your Mind

AfterI wrote my last entry I had time to think about the best way to present my one line inspirational quotes with each order. I had thought about doing them on little slips of paper like fortunes in a fortune cookie but I think they will get lost in the gift bags as well as the shipping boxes. I also thought about putting them on labels with some cute artwork and sticking them on the inside of the bags and the inside flaps of the boxes. Last week I put together some gift bags for a friend's out of town guests. They were staying at the Marriott and I made some post card "welcome" notes for each bag. The messages I normally include are not on post cards but this seemed to add a nice touch and I realized it would be a perfect vehicle for the quotes. Not only will they look nice when people open their bags and boxes but they will also be sturdy enough to put on a bulletin board, refrigerator or anywhere else people like to hang this type of thing. I can also change the borders so they have different flairs.I have written over 250 of these little quotes so far and that will give me a good start until I reach my goal of having enough to put them on an Inspirational Application for a phone or similar technology. I also look forward to the day when they are part of my actual packaging but that is further down the road. So,the next time you open a Rich Delights bag or box you will  find a treat for your mind as well as your sweet tooth. My job this week will be to begin the process of getting them printed but just know that as I am doing this I will still be............baking4you!

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