Sep 11, 2010

Dog Gone Necessary

I totally understand the fact that I need to devote time to my business if it is to become a money making entity but when I do not have orders to fill I am consumed with thoughts of the thousands of animals that get euthanized daily because people do not spay or neuter their pets or because they discard their pets like yesterday's trash. Don't get me started on the hoarders and the filth that put dogs together to fight with each other.With the overpopulation of these animals the rescuers have their hands full as do the shelters. There are only so many people and so much room able to accomodate animals with nowhere to go. My teen daughter is very passionate about all of the pets that need forever homes and the two of us have teamed together along with others who care. We know we may barely make a dent in this problem but any life we can help save is worth every moment we try to assist in that outcome.

 At the end of August we went back to Pan Pacific Park in Los Angeles to team up with KIDS AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY, ANIMAL ADVOCATES ALLIANCE and the Baldwin Park Shelter in an effort to assure that none of the animals would be sent back to the high kill shelter that day. One of the things that interested me was that some people were actually nasty to my daughter and the other teens holding up signs at the passing cars. One of the comments was that these kids, and everyone else there, shouldn't care about the stupid animals but should care about people in need...Well guess what??! People who care about animals and try to help them also work hard for humanity. It isn't about one or the other it is about doing what you can when you can for anyone and anything that needs the help. My daughter was a bit horrified by the coldness of anyone who made nasty remarks about all of the many volunteers donating their time to Pay It Forward.

With the Fall season approaching quickly I know business will soon pick up for Rich Delights. I am grateful and look forward to being busy baking and filling orders and hopefully being able to start donating some of the profits to help where it is needed. I understand the importance of making my business a success and we do need the money but I am continually drawn to the volunteer efforts that kicked in big time this summer. My daughter began volunteering at the local animal shelter a couple of years ago and she will continue supporting them but when we found out about the numbers living short lives in the high kill shelters we both knew we needed to concentrate in those areas even if it means driving 75 miles to Los Angeles and not being able to help as often as we would like to.
The last two times we went to volunteer I brought Rich Delights for the volunteers and my next venture will be to work with Diana Wegner, the lovely mother of Lou Wegner, to have bake sales that will benefit the groups that do so much for the animals who have no other voice to speak out for them. I am very excited about the fact that the love my daughter and I have for our own animals has spilled into the adoption and rescue arena and that we get to be a part of something so meaningful....There is a quote from the Talmud that basiclly says: Whoever saves a single life is as if they saved the entire world...We may not be able to save them all but it matters to each and every one we do...I will continue the fight for those who cannot fight for themselves whether they are human or animal and while I am doing that I will continue baking4you!

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