Oct 25, 2010

Dog Gone Goodness

 I have known for a couple of months that I needed to find a way to tie my business into giving back somewhere and it was decided that animal advocacy is a passion I have the ability to work with. I have mentioned Lou Wegner and his group KIDS AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY which drew my daughter and I from Riverside to Los Angeles. I have also mentioned ANIMAL ADVOCATES ALLIANCE which is the group we went to volunteer with.

At first we thought it might be a one time volunteer day but when we got there we were so impressed by the dedication of all the people who were giving up their Sundays to try and save the lives of the animals coming from the high kill Baldwin Park shelter. Over the past few months Lou and his mom Diana have become like family to us and we have spent quite a bit of time together at and away from Pan Pacific Park where the adoptions are held. Saving animals has introduced us to so many people we never would have had the opportunity to know and care for. One of the things the Wegner's and I have agreed upon is that Rich Delights is going to support KIDS AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY from this day forward.
We will continue volunteering and networking the dogs society has tossed away like trash but more than that we are collaborating as a team. A percentage of sales will give something to KIDS AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY so that a donation can be made to help where needed. This month there was a small donation of blankets and crate liners given to the Baldwin Park shelter because it is getting colder and so many of the animals there could benefit from the comforrt. The kids group is not yet a non profit so there is no direct financial support but I will tell them what they earned from Rich Delights profits each month and then it will be decided what is to be done with the money. Sometimes it may go to help pay a vet bill or to help rescue an animal. No telling where it will go as of now but one thing is for sure...we have begun paying it forward together!
The more Rich Delights earns the more funds there will be to work with....This is the beginning of something that is going to turn into something amazing. I can feel just feel it and I know the feeling is shared with some close friends. When there are good people supporting us there is nothing we cannot accomplish!... I will continue being an Animal Rights Knight and I will also keep baking4you!

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