Feb 1, 2010


Until the day we are doing more celebrity type catering or party favors that might make a baking blog seem more interesting we'll  keep the blogs to
once or twice a week. There clearly could be a lot more writing if recipes were being shared but the truth is they are not going to be. If you all had the recipes then why would you ever need to hire Rich Delights?!The November and December holidays were busy  but things slowed down after the New Year so there has been time to incorporate some menu changes. This was done partially to try and make it easier for people to go online and order the items which sell the most. I, being the baker, have so many more ideas and I have baked more than a few things that I do not offer for order with the ease of a paypal button but it is all about keeping things simple unless someone wants to place a custom order. There are usually discounts to Facebook first time buyers,referral clients and to people in a few of the groups either I or Rich Delights is associated with. Those are custom orders and need to be done either by email or phone with an invoice to follow. The same holds true if you have a gift certificate to redeem. However, if you look at the menu and see what you want staring back at you then the ordering is fast and simple and will usually be filled within a couple of days with a delivery or shipping availability to meet your needs.
Even though I have many years of baking experience Rich Delights is still a "baby in the business world" and it would be great if you would share this information with your friends or co-workers. "Word of Mouth" is always the best advertising and in this business word of mouth is truly everything because if someone is not happy with the taste then no amount of photos or print ads will change their opinion. That being said, these thoughts are wrapping up with a photo of one of the new menu items which is a chocolate chip cookie with macadamia nuts. We also offer a white chocolate chip cookie with macadamia nuts which can be ordered with or without coconut.
Until next time .......we will keep baking4you.

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