Feb 15, 2010

Sweetness in Words

Valentine's Day came and went. This was the first since beginning business last April so there was no telling what to expect. Did not have the volume of business I had hoped for. Tried something new by adding a candy item to the menu just for the holiday. Made candy hearts in four colors and three flavors. Bought some cute canisters and packaging to replace the normal cellophane but I am thinking people went with candy and flowers and many did not stop to see what Rich Delights was offering. The people who ordered loved what they bought which was a good thing.
As I sit and decide what might be done for other upcoming holidays I am also working on a new venture with my writing. Baking has always been a passion but so has writing. The writing has always been for my own pleasure but just as I turned baking into something others enjoy it seems the writing may be on the same path. Writings include poetry and one liners that I envision on bookmarks, magnets and Iphone applications. At some point it would be great to make Rich Delights include some of the quotes as part of the draw to purchasing something sweet with a message. Maybe that line could be "Inspirational Delights!
The older I get the more I realize that I have placed far too many limitations on myself. As my very wise Grandmother used to tell me "It is never too late to learn". She was 98 when she passed and had great wisdom to share right up until the end. I'd like to think she lives on through me. Just as my Dad will live on through my baking I have a feeling my Grandmother will do the same through my newest undertaking. They will live on through my heart as they always gave me theirs.

I am learning that there are endless possibilities for me regardless of what opportunities I wasted in the past.

I look forward to walking down this new path but in the mean time....... I will continue baking4you!

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