Feb 4, 2010

Delights for the Art Lover

Spent this week trying to decide what treats to offer at ARTWALK this evening. Rich Delights is really all about baked goods but candy hearts will be available just to keep in the spirit of what people expect on Valentine's Day. Our orders normally come in cellophane packaging but for tonight there will be decorative canisters and bags. Without added preservatives our baked goods will not be good if one wants to save them for Valentine's Day but the canisters can be re-filled by us or with something a customer wants to put in them. Debating on making a basket for show incase someone wants to custom order one. When preparing to do any type of vendor event it is always tough to decide what to bring. Bring too much and there is waste but don't bring enough and we can't please the people attending. Will offer as many menu items as possible except the unsliced mini loaves in cute Valentine's packaging or the larger loaves. However, those can easily be ordered. If you are downtown Riverside tonight please stop and say hello and see if there is something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Until next time ....we will keep baking4you.

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