Feb 6, 2010

Think Before You Bite

I am a big supporter of what downtown Riverside is doing with Artwalk. However, as I was sitting in front of Relish Deli smelling the wonderful aroma of the food they prepared for the evening visitors I could not help but notice that the street was filled with young artists and what seemed like hundreds of their friends. Most wanted to know if we had free samples but clearly had no interest in purchasing anything then or in the future. To my dismay, people young and old were actually buying cheap unwrapped cupcakes and other baked goods from the teens and others walking around with filled trays. None of these supposed vendors had health permits, labels with their ingredients or any other information but it did not seem to bother anyone. Even adults were buying these treats for their children. Hmmmm... adults who would run down to get a flu vaccine have no concerns about what they are eating or feeding their children ?! I was prepared for competition from the many great establishments downtown but was not prepared for the blatant disrespect for the distinct rules of safety in food handling and preparation. I am contemplating whether or not I want to go back into that environment. It hardly seems worth putting the work into making a display of  packaged treats if the public will buy from just anyone who offers them a cheaper deal regardless of the circumstances. However, I did meet some great people who stopped and chatted and got information about what I do. Some bought treats and some just left with information. It was yet another lesson in the world of small business...Until next time we will keep baking4you.

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