Mar 9, 2010

Cookie Creations

In the big scheme of things cookie flavors don't run on the top of the "What's Important" list but in the business of baking it does matter. When our first menu was put on paper last April it was based mainly on what I felt I baked best. Being the baker as well as the owner meant I had an extra say in this. Banana Chocolate Chip Bread, Pumpkin Bread  and Chocolate Chip Cookies with Toffee were always on the request list if I was being asked to bake by my peers. After much consideration I added a few breads and a few cookies and decided to start there. I constantly get asked to bake cakes and cupcakes but I always refer them to somewhere I like to get my cakes and cupcakes. Can I bake them? Of course! Are they the best things I bake. I don't think so. I have witnessed too many people stray from specializing in what they do well and incorporating what they feel will please the masses. As a result there are many individuals and establishments that aren't really good at what they do and offer mediocre goods and services. I am the first to say that multi tasking is something I do well but I go directions that suit my talents and abilities.

So where am I going with this? In trying to keep people satisfied I am always looking for ways to improve the menu on the Rich Delights order page. I understand that for this business to succeed there must be something unique about what we do and we must offer flavors that really appeal to people so they want to order from us. After all, they have so many other choices. While working on what makes us unique I am tackling the assortment aspect.The cookies available today without placing a custom order are those that are the biggest sellers. Custom orders are not a problem but we do ask the customer to buy an entire batch if they design the cookie where as with a standard menu item you just order in the quantities we offer which come in various sizes. In figuring out if there might be other standard items that people would prefer I decided to do a little something to test that. I went on to my facebook group page which is People Who Enjoy Rich Delights and I asked people to email suggestions throughout the month of March. At the end of the month  the most popular will be up for a group vote as well as with other facebook friends. The chosen cookie will be added to the standard menu and that person will receive two dozen of their creation as a thank you. We may even let the winner choose a name for the cookie. Right now our cookies do not have names. You order by a description of the cookie but that is up for change as well. If this goes according to plan there will eventually be a menu which is mostly derived from social networking ideas. Because nearly 75% of our business stems from social networking this seems like a good way to change things up. So, if you have an idea for a new menu item please email it to While we await your ideas please remember that we are always...baking4you!

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