Mar 17, 2010

Fifty and Forward

While pondering and sharing a direction for Rich Delights I have been met with both negative and positive feedback. At 50 something and in this economy a new business is a risk. All of my life I have avoided most risk taking which is why I am first chasing my dreams at this late stage. Baking and writing have always been passions so why not bring them to fruition?! I am not going to get any younger and who knows if I will ever see an economy that wishes to bless me with immediate success. It is up to me to trust my instincts and do what I do best. For many years it was parenting. I became a stay at home Mom in order to do a job the way I felt it needed done. With my children being 15 and 25 my time has been freed enough to do more for myself which in turn will teach them the importance of working for the life we want to live regardless of age or circumstances.
My past is filled with regrets but that does not mean I have to carry them into my future. My writing goals are to get my quotes on the likes of bookmarks,magnets and Iphone applications. My goals for Rich Delights involve a store front where people can come in and "shmooze" and enjoy my baked goods and each other. The standard menu items and specials will be displayed and ready for purchase and custom orders will still be welcome. Most importantly it is also a place I can be participating in my business on a more personal level. It seems many of the "Mom and Pop" shops have buckled under big business take overs but I believe there is still room for a small business with a personal touch. I see a place that offers the taste of home baked treats with the feeling of warmth and welcome. It will not be the only place of its kind but it will be mine. It will be driven by my determination and run with heart and soul in addition to good business sense. I am confident I can make it work. As I am doing this I will continue to offer nationwide shipping as that has been such a big part of my business up to date.
So, what comes next? What do I do to make this happen? After all, it has been nearly one year since Rich Delights developed and we are still renting the same kitchen space. I believe the Riverside Plaza  would be a great place for Rich Delights to open shop and there happens to be space available! My hope is that someone will be attracted to the idea of what I am trying to do and have enough faith in me to invest in my vision as a routine investment or because they would like to be an "angel investor". Is it foolish to believe that a woman who is fifty something can witness this vision materializing? Some will say yes and then there are those who know me and trust my persistent nature which gives me the strength to climb out of a rut and sail into the future.....As the questions are answered and more is revealed just know that I will keep....baking4you!

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  1. i say go with your passion! it will not lead you astray. sometimes we have to turn a corner, but there is always something else when the corner is turned.
    yashar koach - strength to you!