Mar 25, 2010

Patience in the Mix

In this world of instant gratification practicing patience is a task in itself. We don't want to wait for anything..not a meal at the fast food place, not the red light at an intersection and certainly not the dreaded dial up computer connection. We have learned to get what we want at record speeds or we find ourselves aggrevated.Then there is the other side of that which is procrastination.This is where we trick ourselves into believing that we can sit on our laurels and inevitably get what we want handed to us on a silver platter. Or we may complain our entire lives that nothing has come our way. Many of us have lost the ability to walk the fine line which separates the two. The place where a balance is reached. The place where we are rewarded for weighing the pros and cons and basing our decisions on rational options. I use the similarity with pregnancy as an example. I equate this with having a baby because no matter how much we want the baby to come into the world we must carry it for nine months. In order for the baby to be fully developed we must allow it the proper amount of time. Waiting is a necessity.Just as we must  have patience while waiting to give birth to a new life so must we have patience in waiting to give ourselves or our business new life. Most of our greatest blessings come in their specific allotted time.

 After carefully reviewing all of the sound advice from people either in the business or with great business sense I realized that having a store front must be put on the back burner for the time being. Does this mean that my goal has changed? Absolutely not! What it does mean is that I need to work on cashing in on other ventures which will afford me a financial cushion to provide Rich Delights a more secure direction. It means there is more work to be done.It is indeed a re-arranging of priorities but not a set back. It is a planned move which uses different timing to secure better results. I have come to realize that I have often confused procrastination with patience. However, I have learned that one is fear based and one is reality based.The difference between this decision and past decisions is that it is not fear based. Fear opens the gateway to procrastination.This methodical move requires realistic planning which is synonymous with patience. Unlike procrastination which renders us paralyzed, patience gives us the opportunity to take action based on informed choices.... As a pinch of patience is added to the mix please know that the same great taste will be in every order as I continue....baking4you!

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  1. i've been learning to make myself sloooww down with deeep breaths. talk about a learning experience in patience....
    keep up the blogs lori, you are a great writer.