Mar 2, 2010

A Pinch of Gratitude

Business was slow last week and once again I asked myself if it is really worth trying to make Rich Delights successful. Without a store front it is so difficult for people to see what we have to offer. I get caught up in everyone else's locations and web site designs and the negative thinking pops into my head. I then ask myself....Why bother?! I mean so many people bake and there are so many bakeries and other places that offer delicious baked goods so what is the point of one more? Isn't the economy a mess anyway? As I was sitting here with the "stinking thinking" I was reminded of what stopped me from chasing this dream years ago. All of the excuses I made as to why I wasn't turning passion into profit were rearing their ugly heads. As I was sitting in my own negative pool of thoughts I noticed that there was a message on my phone. Seems my bad thoughts were loud enough to drown out the ringer. I listened to the message and it was a man who said he needed a few dozen cookies.

I returned the call to an out of state number wondering why this man was in town and why he called me. Forgetting once again that there are no accidents and that there was a reason he dialed the number. His wife delivered twins at Kaiser and he wanted to thank the staff  in the neo natal intensive care unit. He said everything on my web site looked so delicious and asked for one dozen of every kind of cookie on the menu.

I asked him how he found us and he said he googled cookies looking for someone local. At first I thought it was a prank call. After speaking to him and emailing him a proposal I realized this was for real. We wound up agreeing on a variety of 12 dozen cookies which I delivered to the Riverside Marriott for him while he was at Kaiser with his wife and babies. I am not sure how his family is doing but they are in my prayers. I feel this man answered my prayers without my ever making the prayer on a consciouslevel. I was reminded how blessed I am to have two healthy children in my life right now. I mean when it comes down to what really matters that trumps anything I can imagine in my business life. I am sure this out of town customer was sent to me as a reminder that one must never give up just because the circumstances seem less than perfect. I am pretty certain he is dealing with issues of not giving up with his twins or he would not be in a hospital so far from home. It also enabled me to review what I have to be grateful for. A mind cannot get lost in defeat when feeling gratitude. Gratitude is a key ingredient to success and just a pinch of gratitude goes a long way. So... as I continue the struggle of ironing out the details.... as I near the end of my first year in business, I am sure that as long as I can muster up another day of gratitude then I will continue.... baking4you.

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